What We Do

Scent Lab is the first and only fine fragrance perfume oil manufacturer in South Africa.

We use the latest GC-MS technology coupled with AI and machine learning to reverse engineer fragrance oils and then manufacture them at scale. Our team of data and technology scientists, analytical chemists, compounders and quality control personnel have developed unique technology and processes to automate the deformulation and recreation of aromatic compounds.

So, what does this mean? We use technology to reverse engineer perfume oils, giving us a unique selling point – we can create efficiencies using technology without reliance on old school perfumers. Because we can rely on technology and not the quality of someone’s nose (no matter how trained), we are infinitely scalable.

Our core focus is fine fragrance oils. We deformulate them in order to discover their basic components so we can recreate them. Once we fully understand what is contained within these aromatic compounds / perfume oils, we can then manufacture them at scale.

In this way, we’re able to create international quality generic perfume oils at a fraction of the cost of European manufacturers. You get the very best quality at the lowest price – the perfect combination.

The Scent Lab Process:

The Scent Lab Process:


Sample We begin by sampling each new fragrance oil in a contaminant-free glass vial, which is loaded into the Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer (GC-MS).


GC-MS The sample is automatically injected into the GC-MS, which vaporises it and separates it into its basic components. These molecules (or components) are individually converted into gas-phase ions, which are ‘weighed’ according to their mass. This is done by passing an electrical charge through each ion and measuring the resultant flux after converting this into signals readable by our software.


Analyse The resulting data is compared to a ‘molecule fingerprint’ database that identifies what molecules are present and their proportionate inclusion within the entire compound. In fact, our system is so advanced we can detect molecules as small as 1 femtogram (that’s 1 part per 1,000,000,000,000,000). We use this information to create an initial report.


Compound (over 1000 molecules in stock)The initial report is compounded in our lab, where we have access to over a thousand aromatic molecules commonly used in the perfume industry.


Evaluate Our aromatic compounds (or perfume oils) are then re-evaluated with our technology to ascertain whether we’ve achieved a match. Once our reports indicate the match is good, we run blind olfactive (smell) tests.


Approve After our stringent testing has indicated an approval for a formulation, we log it and set a standard which is used to test each production batch. This ensures every single time we produce that perfume oil we meet the same exacting olfactive and chemical standards as the approved standard so our customers know they’re getting the very best. Every time.


Manufacture at Scale Finally, we manufacture the approved perfume oil in bulk. Our manufacturing process ensures traceability of molecules used within the final batch. We achieve this accuracy of measurement through our custom built technology platform.

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