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*Our proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology delivers 100% accurate matches of ANY fragrance and enables us to be a low cost manufacturer with zero compromise on quality.

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The ScentLab Difference

Our fresh approach to fragrance can save you up to 50% on fragrance oil, because we produce it right here in South Africa with no middlemen and no crazy mark-ups.

South Africa’s Only
Fine Fragrance Oil Manufacturer

We are the only fine fragrance oil manufacturer in South Africa.

At Scent Lab South Africa we use the latest technology, AI and machine learning to match the fine fragrance oils your customers love then produce them locally.

That means we keep our costs low and pass those savings on to you.

The result? You win. And your customers win too.

We did This for YOU
The perfume market in SA needs a shakeup.
Why pay a middleman?

Why would you pay someone to buy perfume oil in Europe and then resell it to you? That’s like asking your friend to buy you a drink from the bar and then having them charge you extra – just for fetching a drink!

Middlemen just don’t cut it any more – they don’t offer you any value. That’s why we figured out how to match and make fine fragrance generic perfume oils locally. By producing fine fragrance oil in South Africa, we can save you up to 50% of what you’re used to paying.

International standards. International quality. SA-friendly price.

Why Choose Us

Lowest Cost Perfume Oils

Why pay more for the same thing?

Our technological know-how means we can produce fine fragrance perfume oil at a fraction of the price of perfume oil bought in Europe.

Our lower cost business model means better priced perfume oils for you.

International Quality Standards

Our technology tracks each batch we produce, which ensures production meets our approved standards. This means we’re always consistent.

You get the same great quality batch after batch.

Immediate Availability

Why wait for days for your perfume oil to arrive?

Our stock is prepacked in various sizes – simply pay us a visit and buy what you need. Or if you prefer, order online – we’ll pack it up and ship it off in no time.


Yes you read that right.

We offer free delivery on orders over R2 000 within Johannesburg and the surrounding areas.

Scent Lab Price List

Whether you’re just starting your journey with your perfume business or you’re an established enterprise, we sell in pack sizes that will suit your needs. We stock sizes from 100 grams all the way through to 180 kilograms.

Check out our latest pricing guide for wholesale perfume oil pricing.

What Our Customers Say

I would like to take this opportunity thank ScentLab for supplying me with VERY good quality oil. I sell perfumes and people love them! I started my business in Winter of 2017 and my business has been growing and growing ever since. My business has been growing because many of my clients are returning customers and are always referring me to other people! They come back from my products because they are long lasting as just as good as the originals! I want to thank ScentLab for their high quality perfume oils as well as the affordable prices. The prices increase my ability to make profit and I am very grateful for this. Thank you ScentLab!

Rebecca Kanyimo

Becky's Perfumes


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