The Dynamic Trio

The best quality at the best price

A strong and positive affiliation between three independent companies has created a one-stop shop of distinction for cosmetic brands and entrepreneurs. Management at Bonpak, Enterprise Ethanol and Scent Lab in Gauteng has more than 80 years combined industry knowledge, which is applied to find custom solutions their customers.

Sourcing fine fragrances, ethanol for your perfume base, packaging and brand design solutions at competitive prices, within a central hub, is possible. How? Through the affiliation between Bonpak, Enterprise Ethanol and Scent Lab. Customers can tap into the service and expertise each company offers individually while benefitting from the collective symbiotic relationship established between the three companies. Each of these companies work towards one ethos: to continually grow customers’ businesses by helping them achieve premium quality at affordable pricing within their market segment. The synergy has worked well for the existing customer base, which finds value in sourcing everything needed to develop a product from a central hub of the three affiliated companies. SUPPLIER HUB Bonpak, founded and owned by Ray Bondi, is the largest glass and plastic container distributor to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries. Enterprise Ethanol supplies 99.9 percent pure ethanol on a large scale, while Scent Lab supplies fine fragrance aroma compounds as pure A-grade perfume oils on a global scale. Bonpak’s ability to support bottle and logo design via an in-house design team rounds off the professional services available to customers. ‘We create an enabling environment, a central point where customers can find solutions for their packaging, fragrance and ethanol requirements at below market prices.’

The belief is that these three companies not only create an enabling environment – a central point where customers can find solutions for their packaging, fragrance and ethanol requirements – but also eliminates the hassle of having to source products and ingredients from different locations. Also, being able to work with trusted and proven companies like these demystifies the process. Testing facilities are available for customers to validate the grade of products, ultimately ensuring a premium product. Scent Lab is willing to test any product and together with Bonpak and Enterprise Ethanol offer advice to customers on how to get the best quality at the best price. The companies work with hard facts and use economies of scale to make sure the customer’s demands are met or exceeded while creating a consistency in product that will boost their clients’ reputation as a manufacturer of a reliable, quality product. ‘A consistent product range in terms of quality is vital to the success of any brand, product or range – it is what keeps customers returning and drives sales.’ The dynamic trio of companies also has a strong African profile. This allows it to transport with ease items with high compliance criteria, like ethanol, to any destination on the continent. Compliance and safety consulting is available to ensure that companies are compliant with the law. Being flexible in trade means that there are no restrictions in sourcing products globally. ‘We can source globally and package locally,’ according to the owner of ScentLab. Despite rapid growth, the three companies have never compromised the efficiency and convenience with which they serve their customers. ‘Global sourcing, inventory, flexibility and total solutions or, in short, a GIFT, is what they collectively can deliver – consistently offering the customers the best advice, quality products and solutions that will fit their needs,’ states the director of Bonpak.

Bonpak’s continued success is based on efficient service delivery, vast product offering and determination to meet its customers business desires through investing in understanding their needs. The company also works closely with its customers to help them achieve their ambitions in the market. Market solutions: • flexible pricing• broad product range and available stock • Certificate of Conformity (COC) and Certificate of Analysis (AOA) accredited • able to service large quantity orders

Scent Lab is able to procure the highest quality compounds for the best price from various sources. This ensures the best pricing for the best quality for its customers. Scent Lab does not conform to the clichéd agency agreement thus enabling the company to secure the optimum overall offering for its customers.

Market solutions:

• competitive pricing
• innumerable quantities
• expert advice on mixing, formulating and packaging of perfume products.

An obsession for a pure product and efficiency is at the core of Enterprise Ethanol’s business practices. The company has thousands of satisfi ed manufacturing customers, from perfumers to pharmaceutical manufacturers, which use its ethanol daily in their products. Its low-cost business model, as well as efficient storage and drumming plant, are modern and lean, allowing the company to pass the benefit onto the customer in the form of low prices – historically on average, customers save 16.7 percent on their ethanol spend.

Market solutions:

• product appropriation, denaturing to the clients’ requirements in line with local excise laws
• cost-effective pricing
• short lead times for delivery of drummed product across South Africa
• compliance and safety consulting available to ensure regulations are met
• a tank installed and managed at customer’s premises
• bulk management systems.

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